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If you struggle with shoulder pain, Max Physiotherapy offers various treatment options that effectively help ease the pain from this ailment.

What Is Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is a condition that involves the inflammation of the connective tissue on the shoulder. The causes include:

  • Arthritis
  • Overuse and repetitive use
  • Injuries such as falls
  • Frozen Shoulder Syndrome
  • Poor posture
  • Underlying medical conditions, such as Fibromyalgia
  • Nerve Pain
  • When accompanied by shortness of breath, shoulder pain may be a symptom of a heart attack.
Shoulder Pain | NE Calgary Shoulder Pain | Max Physiotherapy

Effective NE Calgary Shoulder Pain Treatment

Our team at Max Physiotherapy, including our physiotherapists and chiropractors, are experts at assessing your shoulder pain. Once accurately diagnosed, they will recommend the best care plan for you.

At Max Physiotherapy, we use a combination of treatment modalities. In the case of Frozen Shoulder Syndrome, we use OTZ Tension Adjustment and OTZ Muscle Tension Technique. OTZ is a proven, non-surgical method of diagnosing and successfully treating Frozen Shoulder Syndrome.

We also use Active Release to treat the soft tissues of the shoulder and Cold Laser Therapy to treat it on a cellular level. Cold Laser Therapy helps cells to produce more energy, in turn promoting healing. As the light energy is transformed into biochemical energy in the body, the blood supply to damaged cells is increased and the healing process is stimulated. Shock Wave Therapy is another one of the many treatments we use.

Physiotherapy treatment for Shoulder Pain

Physiotherapy is also an effective approach to treatment. Our Physiotherapy team at Max Physiotherapy will work closely with your sports medicine physician or general practitioner to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment planning occurs.

Can a Chiropractor treat my Shoulder Pain?

Most people don’t realize that chiropractors are fully trained in assessing and treating shoulder pain. There are numerous adjusting and manual therapy techniques that are often required to regain full joint mobility of these structures. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked in many clinical settings, which does not allow a full functional return to the affected extremity. Make sure to let us know if you have any extremity joint issues and we will be happy to consider what one of our Chiropractors can do for you.

How is Shoulder Pain Treated?

Just like any other joint in the body, the extremities have very specific functions and ranges of joint motion. An assessment is made of the injured area, and very specific adjustments and other recommendations are applied to facilitate a full recovery.

Conservative manual therapy, including manipulation and soft tissue therapy, is first-line care for shoulder pain. Our chiropractors and physiotherapists have specialized training to effectively and efficiently do this form of treatment. This, combined with other interdisciplinary care if necessary, will be organized under one roof at Max Physiotherapy to optimize your recovery.

Learn More About Our Calgary Shoulder Pain Treatment

If you suffer from Shoulder Pain, look no further than Max Physiotherapy! Our health team is here to help you. To learn more about our NE Calgary shoulder pain treatment, please contact Max Physiotherapy at (403) 453-5000 today!

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Visited for physiotherapy and massage. It’s really good experience. Well experienced. Do recommend to visit.


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treatment was good.. good facilities.. staff is great from reception to physio assistants and physiotherapist. welcoming atmosphere.. highly recommended


Lovey MuLtani


I have had a great experience with Max physiotherapy team. Aman and her associates are caring, professional and competent. Aman is highly talented and always welcome with smiley face. Thank you for treating my shoulder and bringing relief. Place is very neat and clean. Highly recommended!!!"


Neetu Sharma


Highly recommend this place. I had severe lower back pain and was totally on bed. I went to max physio, and Aman examine me and starts the physio right way. I specially thank her, I believe she has magic hand. Where the Peter Laughed Hospital emergency did not treat me well, there Aman and her team tried hardly to keep me well.


Tanjim Sharmin


I had a motor vehicle accident. I went to Max physiotherapy for treatment. Max physiotherapy have almost all facilities under one roof. I am improving my pain rapidly. Highly recommended


Manpreet Singh

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