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Max Physiotherapy is pleased to offer Psychologist counselling as part of our comprehensive full-service offering for total body health and well-being.

What is Psychological Counselling?

Psychology is the study of the mind, how it works, and how it affects behaviour. Psychologists help people learn to cope more effectively with life issues and mental health conditions.

Your physical, mental, and emotional health are closely connected. Sometimes issues such as chronic pain, illness, injury, and family or personal challenges can result in feeling depressed, anxious, or discouraged.

Our Max Physiotherapy Psychologists have experience working within many diverse areas such as chronic pain, work, and personal injury (including motor vehicle accidents and insurance claims), depression, anxiety, addiction, family, and other personal challenges and concerns.

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What Does Therapy Involve?

The nature of therapy varies depending on the concerns and goals of the client. During the initial therapy session, the therapist generally attempts to gather information regarding the nature of your concerns and identify therapy goals. Sometimes it might take more than one therapy session for the therapist to complete the intake process.

Therapy gives people the opportunity to take space out of their busy lives to resolve difficulties that are in the way of joy and fulfillment. It can be an opportunity to deal with stress at work or in relationships or life.

People who benefit from Therapy often:

  • Want to overcome anxiety or depression or postpartum depression
  • Want a more fulfilling career or to solve difficulties with bosses or colleagues
  • Desire to stop struggling with addictions – to alcohol and drugs, or process addictions like work, sex or shopping
  • Want to create more intimate relationships – ones free from infidelity with a deeper sense of connection
  • Want to let go of hopelessness or apathy, who want to answer questions like ‘who am I?’ or ‘how did I get here?’
  • Want to sleep well and wake up restful and restored
  • Desire skills for relating with others better, to use their full capacity to think, feel and act to get what they want

We believe that change is possible!

Often there is a stigma that someone needs to be ‘sick’ or ‘unwell’ to benefit from therapy. At Max Physiotherapy, we see Psychologist counselling instead as a way to elevate an already successful life. It is an opportunity to get unstuck from old patterns that no longer serve our highest purpose. Fully functional and healthy people still benefit from Psychological counselling. It is simply the process of learning new skills and models for making sense of ourselves and others. Psychologists provide support to implement changes that will help us live easier and less stressful lives.

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What are Some of the Benefits of Psychological Counselling?

  • A deeper sense of connection to others
  • A deeper sense of meaning in life and at work
  • Emotional regulation that allows for feelings to come and go as necessary
  • Clearer thinking and problem solving
  • Increased energy, vitality and optimism
  • A sense of competence in communication and feeling more at ease in relationships
  • A new set of positive beliefs about yourself and the world around you
  • Ease in taking action to get what you want
  • A renewed sense of purpose at work

The reality is that nobody gets through life ‘unscathed,’ and having psychological counselling; someone to talk to, who’s on your side, can make an enormous difference in helping you deal more effectively with challenges and stresses.

At Max Physiotherapy, we are pleased to offer clients psychologist counselling, and we will work with the entire Max Physiotherapy team to round out your wellness services and provide you with the highest quality of care in NE Calgary.

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Visited for physiotherapy and massage. It’s really good experience. Well experienced. Do recommend to visit.


Vicky Sensation


treatment was good.. good facilities.. staff is great from reception to physio assistants and physiotherapist. welcoming atmosphere.. highly recommended


Lovey MuLtani


I have had a great experience with Max physiotherapy team. Aman and her associates are caring, professional and competent. Aman is highly talented and always welcome with smiley face. Thank you for treating my shoulder and bringing relief. Place is very neat and clean. Highly recommended!!!"


Neetu Sharma


Highly recommend this place. I had severe lower back pain and was totally on bed. I went to max physio, and Aman examine me and starts the physio right way. I specially thank her, I believe she has magic hand. Where the Peter Laughed Hospital emergency did not treat me well, there Aman and her team tried hardly to keep me well.


Tanjim Sharmin


I had a motor vehicle accident. I went to Max physiotherapy for treatment. Max physiotherapy have almost all facilities under one roof. I am improving my pain rapidly. Highly recommended


Manpreet Singh

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